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Most of us are working until the end of the week so we can live for the weekend. Do not waste another day in a job where you feel unappreciated, underpaid and undervalued.

Learn how to identify and build on your natural gifts and strengths, get paid what you’re worth, and live a life on your terms without the stress, frustration and years of trial and error to get there.

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You're in the right place if;

  • Tired of all the generic advice like find your purpose or follow your passion

  • Want to change careers but have no idea where to start

  • Don’t think you have any gifts or talents

  • New to the workforce and don't just want any job

  • Want to find work that you actually enjoy while paying you what you are worth

  • You just live for the weekends

  • Count down the hours of the day or the week until the next long weekend

  • Feel undervalued and unappreciated in your current role

  • Think you should be further progressed in your career than you are

  • Tried different careers and industries and still no closer to your dream job

  • Lack of time to try new jobs and research new careers

  • Overwhelmed by information and options, don’t know where to start

  • Feel the pressure to stay in a job you hate for financial security

  • You have the skills, but aren't be paid for them

I know these feelings all too well.

Do you ever get that feeling in your stomach when you know you should be doing more with your life and feel like you’ve settled?

Or sold out on your potential and dreams but have no clarity around which direction to go.

Or maybe you are waiting for your passion or dream job to fall out of the sky and THEN suddenly you will be happy and know what to do for the rest of our lives.

Or if buy that next New York Times Best Seller in hope it will offer the magical elixir solution to all our problems?

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I was the quintessential early 20 something searching for the mystical 'purpose' everyone was talking about... the only problem was this went on well into my late 20'S and early 30's.

I never knew what I wanted to do with myself career wise. I knew I was driven and ambitious but didn’t know where to direct this energy towards. I left school thinking I had no real passion or “gift” that I could explore and experiment with.

I read every self-help book on finding your 'purpose' and 'passion', attended seminars, engaged coaches, psychologists, boot camps – you name it, I did it!

The most recent suggestions floating out there are "just go out there and try different things and see what works"!! Let me tell you from experience, I dabbled in different careers, took internships and spent thousands on various degrees and courses. Disappointingly I was no step closer to my this mystical 'passion' or purposeful career I had been searching for.

What I found was that most of the advice out there is outdated, generic and common sense which offers no real practical and tailed solutions.

For a long time, I felt like there had to be something wrong with me. Why wasn’t I one of the chosen ones, one of the lucky ones that that just knew what they wanted to do for the rest of their life?


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what it would feel like to "finally have your dream job" – to wave that magic wand and all of the sudden turn a corner and you have finally found a job that you love!

A job that you were naturally good at, got paid more than you ever imagined, worked your own hours and were genuinely excited to do everyday! 

You suddenly started feeling confident in yourself, your weekends were stress-free instead of being in a constant state of fear and anxiety.

Friends and family start commenting on how different you are. You are more present. You have a clearer sense of identity and meaning and feel really proud of who you are, the first time in your life.

You lie in bed at night and just know everything will be ok. You are on the right path and now is your time to shine!!!

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You may not believe this right now, that this is just NOT an unachievable dream, but it is 100% possible for you because you deserve it!

This isn't just something "other" people were lucky enough to find or have. You too can have your dream job even if you have absolutely no idea where to start.

I know this because it was exactly what happened to me!

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By stripping it all back and simplifying the process. Going back to the basics and learning the foundations of who I really am.

I took a course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and became a Master NLP Coach. After spending some time coaching others, I discovered common themes and patterns. My husband worked in Learning and Development for 14years and was also on a similar path in searching for a more meaningful and fulfilling career.

We started asking ourselves questions no one had ever asked us before. Ground-breaking brainstorming sessions were being held outside our home. We began to realise massive 'black holes' in the market, and we felt obliged to address and serve others who are also challenged in finding their dream career, looking for greater meaning and identity in life and to truly make a difference in our world.

How is it we live in a world where we are soooo lucky to have endless opportunities, yet we can't seem to figure out what to do with our lives? It doesn’t make sense.

We decided we didn't want anyone else to go through the pain, confusion and turbulence we experienced.

For that reason, we created a course for you like no other. We decided to follow our hearts and share our first-hand experiences and expertise into what we wish we had access to earlier on. Then we wouldn't have wasted years trying to figure it out. And we don't want you to do the same. The world needs you, and you have something unique to offer that no one else can. It all starts, with you!




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Why you need this course

Over the last several decades, we have studied and researched what it means to be fulfilled in our careers. We have identified gaps in the market and the key ingredients to what is holding us back from finding our dream career.

Because of our extensive background in human resources, learning and development, human behaviour, neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology we have been able to guide people towards growth in all kinds of industries to get real results.

Our diverse and comprehensive background is what sets us apart and provides a solid foundation in all that we do.


CAREER KICKSTARTER is a 6-week online program that distils a selection of the best industry-leading and researched tools and tested techniques which aren't made available to the general public in providing specific, actionable steps to make significant changes to achieve the life you've always wanted.

This course is for if:

  • You are driven and ambitious but need direction and clarity

  • Want to be paid what you are worth

  • You've been sitting on the fence for a while and not sure of next steps

  • Want to identify and profit off your natural gifts and talents

  • Are ready to become the best version of you

  • You're either seasoned professional or new to the workforce

  • Land your dream job

  • Looking to transition to a new career or need to reignite the passion of your current career

  • 100% committed to doing the internal work and showing up

  • Become financially free and a role model for those around you

Not every course is for everyone, and no course will ever be a 'magic bullet'. This course is NOT for you if:

  • You want a quick fix and answer

  • Aren’t willing to put in the hard work to change your habits

  • You have no desire to explore other job options

  • Do not have an open mindset

  • You think you know all this information already

  • You are satisfied living a suboptimal life forever

I have spent $ 10,000's trying to find my passion, purpose, dream job. And yes, I did have a lot of fun along the way, learned a lot and met some fantastic people; but at the end of it all, was it worth $ 10,000's of fun and experience? I knew that I could have got those exact same experiences ON TOP OF; being in a job I loved, excelling at my craft, building my personal brand, working along side the best in the industry, and travelling the world had I taken a different approach.

This is why we created this course. To create a short cut to help you;

  • Realise and tap into your potential

  • Unpack who you really are vs who you think you are

  • Provide a platform of support, so you're not doing it alone

  • Help you focus, so you're not distracted by everyday external factors

  • Get access to the best content, tools and techniques to give you control of your life again

  • Excelerate or fast track your success

We have spent years researching this content. We took everything we learned, simplified it, brought in the experts and created something special. We have included information that up until now only high profile Executives and high net worth individuals have been able to access

We want every woman to reach their full potential and don't think this information should be withheld just for the high-level executives.

This course is for if:

  • You want to profit off your natural gifts and strengths

  • Want to identify what your exact options are

  • Want to avoid years of trial and error and get ahead of the curb

  • Want to avoid wasting value time

  • Get paid what you are worth

  • You only want the 'need to know' information relevant and specific to you

  • You see this as an investment for your future

  • You are eager to learn and apply new knowledge

  • You finally are ready to live your full potential

  • Ready to upgrade your confidence

How many people do you know that are genuinely happy in their job?

The reason for this is because we are not taught the foundation of what it takes to have a fulfilling, meaningful and exciting career. We were told to try different things and see what sticks. What we really needed was a blueprint to guide us. A user manual to push us in the right direction.

Compelling, engaging, long-lasting careers requires way more than a single match to something that happens to catch your attention that year! Let us show you our formula that has already changed the lives of so many people.

Learn what It really takes to find your dream job!


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