Career Hackers is on a mission to impact 100,000 women reach their full potential through fulfiling and passionate work by the end of 2020.

Our platform is designed to inspire, educate and motivate women to build self-awareness around their strengths, purpose and mission to ensure they thrive in creating and launching their dream career. 

It is a one-stop shop providing them with the most relevent and effective tools, resources, latest research and expertise to implement and in doing so we hope to make a better world for everyone.



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How it all started.....

I was the quintessential 20 something searching for mystical 'purpose' everyone was talking about.....the only problem was this went on well into my late 20'S and early 30's.

I honestly had been searching for this ‘purpose’ which everyone was talking about, searching high and low for the damn thing, I read every best selling self help book on the market, attended seminars, engaged a career coach, a career psychologist, took courses, travelled the world ...and what I found was analysis paralysis.

I have always dreamed big, wanting to make something special for myself out of life and genuinely cared for people and yearned to connect on a much deeper level.

However, I always seemed to be just dipping my toe into everything and anything, not finishing any course I started, changing my mind all the time, in jobs that were soul destroying but the truth was, I had no idea what I was looking for or how I was meant to get to this ‘place’ that I instinctively knew I was destined for. I felt lost, confused, annoyed, frustrated and tired.

I got caught up in this ‘purpose trap’! I spent a good 15 years trying to find it, and I kept telling myself that I would be working for my whole life, so I better find something that I am passionate about and that fulfils me. But the questions were, what was I passionate about and what truly fulfilled me?

They say, go out and explore what interests you and try new things – well, I did that and was so step closer to my ‘purpose’.

A few years ago I found myself at a massive crossroads. I had just had my second daughter and was anxious that I would need to go back to work soon. I didn’t want to go back to my previous career, so I engaged a career coach to help get clear on what I wanted.

A couple of months in and I was getting frustrated with the process. It was generic, surface-based stuff that I already knew and had read. It wasn’t resonating with me. Nothing was clicking. Then I engaged a psychologist, then a business/life coach and still no closer to the answer.

I don’t know if you’ve been here, but nothing is more frustrating when you are TRYING to make things happen, and nothing is actually shifting in your physical reality.

So what changed everything for me?


Our diverse and comprehensive background is what sets us apart and provides a solid foundation in all that we do.

Over the last several decades, we have studied and researched what it means to be fulfilled in our careers. We have identified gaps in the market and the keys ingredients to what is holding us back from finding our dream career.

Because of our extensive background in human resources, strategy, learning and development, human behaviour, neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology we are able to guide people towards growth in all kinds industries to get real results.

Simplifying the process. Going back to the basics, learning the foundation of who I really am.

I realised I spent close to 15 years’ searching for something that doesn’t actually exist. I was frustrated that all the advice our there is out-dated, vague and ambiguous and it needs to go!

I took a course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and became a Master NLP Coach. After spending some time coaching others, I discovered common themes and patterns. My husband, Sam worked in Learning and Development for 14years and was also on a similar path in searching for a more meaningful and fulfilling career.

After plenty of soul searching to also figure out what he really wanted from life, he acknowledged a common theme in all the people he had worked with over these years; that they rarely follow their hearts and instead lead with their heads, in other words, they stayed in jobs for money, recognition, flexibility or power which ultimately lead to unhappiness and an unfulfilling career..

Sam realised we are only here in this world for a short time and when all our work is done, what matters most is not what job you had or how much money you made over your career but how connected were you with; your soul, your unique gifts and your relationships with others to make a real difference in being a better human being for all.

Leading from your heart starts with you first and requires a vulnerability to go somewhere you haven’t been before.

We all have signature strengths, individual learning styles and personality traits to consistently and permanently thrive to really create anything you want from life; however, it all starts from within.

Ground-breaking brainstorming sessions were held outside our home when we realised massive ‘black holes’ in the market we felt obliged to address and serve others who are also challenged in finding their dream career, passion, purpose and identity in life.

There is a lot of questions and confusion our this topic. So we pulled it apart and started again.

It became our obsession and passion!!!






We decided we didn’t want anyone else to go through the pain, confusion and turbulence we experienced so created a platform, a one-stop-shop and digital network accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The resources simplify the process but also provide practical, tangible and individualised insights and experiences for everyone to create meaningful change in their lives to find your voice and make a difference in this world.

It’s not too late to turn things around and rediscover and reconnect your real identity, authentically and build a career around it.

We believe that this having fulfilment in your career is the unique hack that will bring satisfaction and success to the rest of your life and we want to help

Our goal is the help women reach their full potential by providing them with the knowledge, tools and experience we have adopted over the last 15 years.

We hope we can inspire you to reach your full potential.

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Professional Bio.



Sascha Deguara is CEO & Founder of Career Hackers, with a mission to impact 100,000 women find their dream careers by 2020.

Sascha has over 15+ years’ experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship, worked alongside two of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and has extensive experience in the career transition sector.

Sascha has been featured in Good Health Magazine, Soar Collective and Smart Healthy Women magazines all within a few months of business.

Career Hackers was founded from seeing a gap in the market after passively researching the topic for 15 years.

Sascha not only delivers unique career advice to her audience but also provides a community for like-minded women to thrive in.




Don't waste another day in a job you dont like.
Join our Career Hackers Community and get the most recent, relevant, need to know information about finding your dream career.