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Sascha started working with me, and the transformation has been incredible.

Sascha started working with me, and the transformation has been incredible. I have been able to move forward in a project I have wanted to do most of my life but too afraid to. She has helped me get my confidence back to move forward, and hence I am now starting a blog and looking to write a book (never written one in my life). If you are looking to transform your life and need help to turn your dreams into reality, I highly recommend Sascha to help you experience the amazing life that awaits you.

- Tracey, Australia


Sascha Deguara is CEO & Founder of Career Hackers, with a mission to impact 100,000 women find their dream careers by 2020.

Sascha has over 15+ years’ experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship, worked alongside two of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and has extensive experience in the career transition sector.

Sascha has been featured in Good Health Magazine, Soar Collective and Smart Healthy Women magazines all within a few months of business.

Career Hackers was founded from seeing a gap in the market after passively researching the topic for 15 years.

Sascha not only delivers unique career advice to her audience but also provides a community for like-minded women to thrive in.


Sascha was a god send to me at a time in my life where I really needed help ...

I could see she had a passion for helping others live their best life and become the best version of themselves! I had a lengthy breakthrough with Sascha
After working with Sascha I felt so much lighter and clearer about my purpose and passions in life. Sascha kept me accountable to my goals and gave me strategies to keep myself on track with the ups and downs of life. So grateful for this beautiful soul coming into my life.


- Jennifer, Australia